Shifting Blame

J. Murdock McInnes Vasey
2 min readMar 23, 2023


If it’s everybody’s fault
then the blame all comes to you
If it’s everybody’s fault
then there’s work that we must do

Our leaders cannot help us
They were not made for this war
All they care about is power
and they are always wanting more

The wealthy are not with us
We are tools for them to use
Our children spare parts
Our pain is what they choose

There is no room for cardboard boxes
We don’t need just one more bin
There is no time for tin and glass
We must face the mess we are in

Our leaders taught us hate
We have learnt to fear our neighbors
All that matters is on shelves
All they have comes from our labor

Their whole world is about money
While we have no place to live
Our small needs they think are funny
There is nothing they can give

We no longer take excuses
It is time to say we are through
They no longer will abuse us
This fight’s meant for me and you

— — bridge — -

It is time to put them down
Put them deep down in the ground
They will never make a sound
And they never will be found

Don’t you worry much about them
Don’t fret for their lost dreams
All they cared for is with them
Fancy rings and fashion jeans

I know you found this hard
I know you think that we did wrong
So go out, sit in your yard
I will sing for you a song

It is a song of war and famine
It is a song based on our lives
It also speaks of what is coming
A better world where we will thrive

Find a tree and pick a branch
Find a rope and still your heart
Find the courage and the strength
Rest in peace, you’ve done your part