People on the Street

J. Murdock McInnes Vasey
2 min readMar 24, 2023

Kinda like R.E.M. — Everybody Hurts (Official Music Video) — YouTube

So many people, on the street
They are people you won’t meet
Hi there
If you would only take the time, to see
To care

Is it someone you could greet
If you could show them you are kind
They are crouching at your feet
So blind

We sometimes need a hand
We need a hope that we can hold
We are starving in the rain
We are wheezing in the cold
We are lonely and afraid
and have nothing left to trade
Our minds are numbed by pain
and our souls have long been sold
But no

These are places you won’t go
There are things that you won’t do
There are feelings you won’t show
They don’t mean a thing to you
Oh no

ChatGPT, March 14th Version:

The poem describes the plight of people living on the streets, who are often ignored and overlooked by society. The speaker is urging the reader to take notice of these individuals and to show kindness and compassion towards them. The poem emphasizes that these people are in need of help and are often suffering in silence.

The repetition of the phrase “They are people you won’t meet” emphasizes the idea that these individuals are often invisible to society. The poem also uses contrast to highlight the difference between the speaker’s concern for these people and the indifference of others. The use of the phrase “if you could show them you are kind” suggests that the speaker believes that a small gesture of kindness can make a significant difference in the lives of these people.

The second stanza of the poem describes the struggles faced by people living on the streets. The use of sensory imagery, such as “starving in the rain” and “wheezing in the cold,” creates a vivid picture of their suffering. The repetition of “we” emphasizes the idea that these individuals are part of a larger group of people who are struggling.

The final stanza of the poem acknowledges that helping people living on the streets can be difficult and may require individuals to step outside their comfort zones. The use of repetition in the phrase “There are things that you won’t do/There are feelings you won’t show” emphasizes the speaker’s frustration with those who are unwilling to help.

Overall, the poem is a call to action, urging readers to recognize the humanity of those who are often ignored by society and to show compassion and kindness towards them.