Finding Jesus in the Rain

1 min readMar 30, 2023

It is a lot like finding Jesus
The pain becomes too much
The awful burden of the truth
The weight that seems to crush

You no longer have the strength
You want it all to end
It is ever so much easier
All you need is to pretend

You no longer share the blame
Your old ideas were insane
You will help the world survive
and rejoice that you are alive

You see solutions all around
Every day a new hope found
You see the answer in the sky
You will go there when you die

You reach out for compromise
You will accept a small step up
You don’t care about the price
and the truths you must give up

You won’t be here when it hits
You are much too old for that
All I want to ask from you is
call your children, have a chat




Hard times have found us, and revenge is on my mind.