Photo by Jake Leonard on Unsplash

I look outside, stare at the rain
it never ends, it hides the pain
Under the roads, so many faces,
They waste their lives, in hidden places

More each day, their numbers grow
They come to stay, their scars now show
They cause our fear, from fear comes hate
So many tears, I dread their fate

The children cough, they don’t know why,
Not warm enough, they fear they’ll die
We bring them food, we hope and pray
We stare with anger, we look away

We talk and talk, the talk grows old
I feel such shame, they are so cold
They’re on their own, that is our way
Why are they here, on such a rainy day?



I raised my silent weapon
and I aimed it at the sky
I slowly dropped my sight
till you came to fill my eye

I paused then for a moment
making sure that you would die
While doubts crept into my mind
did I know the reason why?

I had been told that it was you
that you were the one to blame
I was sure down to my soul
your death would bring no shame

But did I really know?
Was it something that I’d seen?
Or was it only words,
in your place I’d never been



There is a storm a comin’
It is growing every day
In the most unlikely places
it will start and it will stay

The Weather is returning
It’s not the climate it will change
It is not looking for answers
It is looking for revenge

The Weather has no face
It could be someone that you know
Beware those that guard you
It maybe they who strike the blow

The Weather is returning
and your world it will erase
It is not a new beginning
It cares nothing about your race

We are not hoping to survive
We all go the way we came
No one here gets out alive
But we refuse to die in shame