Rhythm inspired by Bob Seger, “Fire Lake” [YouTube]

Who wants to take that first hard blow
Who wants to spend the night in jail
Who will tell them what he knows
Who will suffer if we fail
Who has a sister with some money
And will she come, will she come and pay your bail

Who will stand along the road
Who will block the courthouse steps
Who’ll hang the sign over the freeway
Who will fight to the last breath
Who will spend a month in prison
and still get up, still get up and try again

I see you’re wearing the same black T
I see you are heading out again
While I tell myself a pack of lies
one more excuse to close my eyes
When will I stand, not criticize
When will I be the one that tries



Photo by Jake Leonard on Unsplash

I look outside, stare at the rain
it never ends, it hides the pain
Under the roads, so many faces,
They waste their lives, in hidden places

More each day, their numbers grow
They come to stay, their scars now show
They cause our fear, from fear comes hate
So many tears, I dread their fate

The children cough, they don’t know why,
Not warm enough, they fear they’ll die
We bring them food, we hope and pray
We stare with anger, we look away

We talk and talk, the talk grows old
I feel such shame, they are so cold
They’re on their own, that is our way
Why are they here, on such a rainy day?



Inspired by Cream, “Badge

Sitting here longing to live in the past
Silently mourning the things that don’t last
I remember a time where I felt I could stay

Please don’t be so careless with your dreams
Life is not as easy as it seems
Your future fades while you go out and play

— bridge —

You know that love, it ebbs and flows
and when it’s gone, the scars always show
You know that life, it comes and goes
and you’re never ready for the final blow
Oh no, for the final blow

I keep thinking about you and me
We never looked at what we needed to see
We wasted all our time in what seems like a day